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Haiti 21.0

February 14th, 2024

This was yet another very special time in Haiti both for me and for our IOCH team. From the beginning, not much went as planned. This was the week of our planned teacher seminar. We had prepared for several weeks to have a total of 50+ teachesrs and administrators from each of the 5 schools IOCH currently partners with to our home (HQ) in Acul Du Nord for a time of training and fellowship. Last week, Haiti experienced unusually intense political protests. ( The reasons are lengthy and complex, your welcome to research more on that). We monitored the situation very closely and prayed God would lead us to the best decision. Almai's, the school director from Anse Rouge, was the first to recognize it was not save to travel across the country with his group of teachers to lead the seminar, so the seminar had to be postponed until late March. Three days before I left the entire city of Cap Haitian was shut down by road blocks of burning tires, incapacitated cars, trailers,etc; with "unsavory characters" ensuring no-one could pass through.

Usually the Cap Haitian area is spared from the worst of the violence in Haiti, but not this time. Thanks to God, after the politically charged date of February 7th passed, the situation calmed considerable and I decided with my team that I would still travel to Haiti. Travel to and from the airport went well, but we limited our travel within Haiti out of caution. We got right to work on our house (ministry headquarters).

WE finished most of the exterior painting we had started last trip, worked on plumbing issues, installed and wired two more solar panels and so on. Most importantly, I was able to spend many significant time, often to the early morning hours building relationships with my team. As planned, we set up interwiews to capture some of the amazing stories of how God has worked for goood in the lives of our team members. I learned so much about Steve, Figaro, Watson and Wilon.

I was truly blessed by the goodness of God to them, even in extraordinarydifficulty. I'm very excited about a new relationship with Jefferson. He is a theology student and aspiring pastor. I feel he really understands our vision to share the Gospel with children through investing in the knowledge and abilities of our teachers in each school. Now that the seminar has been postponed, he will be able to work together with Pastor Richard and Almais' to teach the basics of Christian theology and the Gospel.

We were blessed to travel to Camp Louise on Sunday, to worship and meet the people of the church that oversees, "Camp Louise 2", the partnership we began two weeks ago.

Sunday afternoon, Wilson and Richecard hosted the weekly kids Bible club. It was such a joy to engage with them as they learned about God's plan for them and enjoyed games. Maybe my greatest joy is watching all of my Haitian team members fellowship together and become a family. Most of them did not even know each other a year ago.

I also thank God that yeasterday, Aschilles' wife returned home from the Dominican Republic following her successful heart surgery.

Peter continues to develop the business on the first floor. Selling RO water, ice and charging cell phones. From mornign to night people from the neighborhood come in and out of our gate to benefit from the business.

For the first time I took an extended walk around the neighborhood. It really is a beautiful area full of friendly faces.

I learned a lot more about the satanic practice of voodoo in Haiti. Each day Kanaval (carnival) celebrations parades went slow past our house, en route to the cemetery to do their rituals. Please watch the 8 minute video with Richecard to understand what I'm referring to. I'm still trying to wrap my head around i to be honest. On one occasion two parade revelers walked into our gate and started up the stairs towards me. Most of the Haitians were actually intimidated, but after Tito (our security guard) ushered them back down into the parking area, Figaro, Richecard and Stevet decided to have a little fun with the situation. That's kind of a crazy video.

Even though, this trip was TOTALLY different than planned,God again (of course) proved Himself all good, all knowing and Soverign over all. I continue to clearly see God's Hand masterfully move forward the develpment of IOCH ministry. Once again I return home phycically exhausted but spiritually encouraged.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Ps. I hope you find the time to view all the pictures and the longer videos as well

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