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Haiti 20.0

This trip was filled with hard work, new partnerships and God's protection. My son Mitchell joined me once again. During his first trip in December of 2022, we were showed and agreed to partner with the school of Milot. On this trip we formrd our partnership with our 5th school. It's humbling to think where God had taken us in just one year!

Day 1

We puchased a taxi cycle, for the ministry use and to provide work to one of our part time staff members. The usual shopping trip to MSC Depot, purchasing paint and settling into our house filled out day one. I walked down the street to attend an evening church where I was encouraged to hear (through translation) a clear Gospel presentation by one of our staff members.

Day 2

We began the big house painting project. Everything began to move very quickly as many young men wanted to help. Making a big mess and cleaning it up later seems to be the Haiti approach to stressed me out a bit to be honest. :) Steve, his brother a myself did most of the more dangerous high work.

Day 3

Tensions were rising in the country, so we avoided travel and worked all day to finish the house painting project. I was able to be present at the Sunday Kid's Club for the first time. I was so encouraged to witness the leadership of Wilson, Chery, Richecard and other! They taught and encouraging about 50 young people to understand and seek God's will for their lives. We held a meeting to assemble the board of directors for Instruments Of Christ Haiti ( IOCH) Ministry. It was agreed that Aschille would be our president.

Day 4

We traveled to Camp - Louise to visit the school we partner with, as well as spend time with the students both there and across the street at a new school that recently bravely restared after a 1 year closure for lack of resources. IOCH has agreed to regularly fund staff salaries, provide drinking water and begin rice deliveries. This shool is once again filled with passionate staff and beautiful children eager to learn. We visited a beach nearby, then hurried home to finish some electrical work to prepare for the teacher training seminar in February. It was not a good day in the city of Cap Haitian. Large protests blocked the roads, closing schools and businesses. We held a lengthy security meeting to discuss protocol and make a plan to get to the airport in the morning.

Day 5

We left at 5:30AM, hopefurlly to travel before protests intensified. We also exchanged the national road for back roads still showing the aftermath of yesterdays protests. We encountered some struggles, but praise God we were able to arrive safely, to the great relief of everyone. I'm exhausted but thankful for another wonderful experience following where God leads, and once again,where He leads us, He is faithful.

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